Casting Wicks

Casting Wicks

Many of you have found these in your orders from The Cup and Spell.  These are actually small wicks that have been soaked in oil/wax that has been "dressed" with a particular spell or "working".  They usually go along with your spell or might be included as a way to enhance the spell.

The Spell Wicks can be lit on their own and simply say your "words" over them or they can be used as part of a larger spell.  Many times they are burned when the paper spell is set on fire or placed in a Gris Gris bag.

Wicks are always custom made and can usually be purchased for only a few dollars from our store.  You can pick them up in a 5 or 10 pack and they sometimes serve the same job as a fully tricked out candle.  They simply do the job in less time.

Since these are enchanted you will be able to use them the same as you would a 7 days candle.  Burn 1 per day for a week. We have taken all of the guesswork out of your spell casting and alter work.

Spell wicks are available in the round style as well as a flat wick that is used in casting fires and Gris Gris bags.

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