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3 Kings Cologne For Men

3 Kings Cologne For Men

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This is a product that was developed specifically for men breaking into the music industry.  It gave them a clear mind to produce product that would help convey an idea to a mass audience and give them the confidence to use the tools that are abundant to them.  It gave them the encouragement and desire to ask questions and acquire knowledge from those that knew what was required to become successful.  Their minds became a sponge and it allowed them to tune out those that were trying to stand in their way.  Success was simply another step like walking the dog or checking the mail. Finding the perfect person to be seen in pubic with or spend the rest of your life with is only another check in this potions powerful play book.

Now this can be used for prosperity by all men, of all ages, to become more successful and to powerful in their daily life.  This spell is tuned to work with men traditionally and it does NOT have the same effects when used by women.  You will get the exact opposite of what you are trying to accomplish and is used commonly as a HEX or CURSE regardless of the said intentions.  There is a reason for this and there is no discussion required or explanation.

This is designed to be worn and placed in places that you need to have control over for your success to take hold.  It should be used with other items such as Forged Iron, a Gris Gris and Altar.  We can help.

15ml (1/2oz) shown

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