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Enchanted Money Oil

Enchanted Money Oil

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Green like money, leprechauns and envy.  With Money you can accomplish many things with a positive attitude and intentions.  Everyone knows leprechauns keep a hidden stash of gold and all of those people that thought you would fail will be green with envy with your 2023 accomplishments.

This is a very classic recipe right up until our family got involved with its production a couple of hundred years ago.  This 3+ month supply of oil has been seriously enhanced with fresh herbs and family recipe oils to make it as powerful as possible.  Its green like the HULK because it is just as strong. Each bottle has a piece of HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR root in it for a little added luck and prosperity so a few extra drops before a job interview or court appearance is always a great idea.

The 1oz bottle comes in what we use as a Gris Gris bag and has a few starter items already packed.

Place bottle OPEN in a secure place away from pets and noisy neighbors. Each day place 2 drops of oil where it can't be seen on your body and rub it in well.  During the rubbing put a couple of coins, or a dollar bill, next to the bottle and say this short incantation.

Oh Spirits and ancestors I ask that you bring me more of these (place the money next to the bottle).

I ask that you provide me with a spiritual task to complete so you will bring me more of these.

How to enhance this spell oil:
Gather some small images of items you would like to be able to have in 2023 and place them in the small bag that came with your oil.  Put a couple of drops of oil on each image and recite the incantation from above.  You can also purchase other items to place in your gris gris bag from us if they are needed.  They are already prepared and only need to be added to your gris gris and looked after.

Place 7 drops of good rum or whisky each week on the Gris Gris bag you made above along with a small serving of good for your ancestors and spirits.

Place 2 "DRESSED" white candles with your oil and light them while you tell your ancestors what you will do to better the situation of those less fortunate with the money you will receive with their help.  Now is a great time to chat with loved ones that have passed.

Use Van Van oil in your bath water or place a few drops on your body when you get out of the shower.  This is for cleansing and better prosperity.

Use High John The Conqueror Tincture to enhance your luck and assist people in being more in-tune with your presence in a positive manner.

Place a Dollar Bill in a glass jar and cover it with sugar.  Make sure you can easily see the jar and say the above incantation again.  This only has to be done once but personally I say it every morning.  You can put the jar next to the oil and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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