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The Cup and Spell Tavern

Higher Spells

Higher Spells

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These are the most powerful spell casting we offer, outside of a full conjuring, and they come directly from the family spell books.  Bob is directly involved in casting these spells and his track record is impeccable.

I cast these spell at our office and you finish it at your location. You will need to be present at our office or via Face-Time for IOS users or MEET for Android Users.  This is not an option as you will participate in the initial casting of the spell.

They combine a full powered bottle spell, root magic and spirits that will not only provide you with your wishes but offer other assistance while they are doing the work you requested. Each spell is handmade and many were written during the 1900's by my Grandmother (Clemon White) and my Mother (Patricia "White" Cannon) here in Macon Ga.

We suggest you have Florida Water, Van Van oil and Good Rum on hand to keep this spell working at its maximum potential. However, this package will come with everything you need to start your spell and build your Gris Gris (gree gree/MoJo) bag.

As with All Southern Magick you may modify the Gris Gris bag with other herbs and oils as needed as long as you make your intentions quite clear. These spells work wonders with other oils and powders. Call The Cup and Spell for more information.


  1. Your Spell Bottle
  2. 3 Short Wicks
  3. Spell Bottle Oil
  4. Cotton Drawstring Bag
  5. A Single Sheet of Claire Fontaine Paper
  6. 3 Strike Anywhere Matches
  7. Pencil
  8. Jute/Hemp Twine
  9. Black Soil
  10. Black Mylar Storage Bag
  11. Ashes From Our Casting Of Your Spell
  12. Associated Oil for the particular spell that needs to be worked
  13. Laundry Blue

You may have other items depending on what type of spell you require and to what degree this spell is designed to work.

Our Spells are extremely easy to cast at home and can easily be modified to make them more powerful or provide more activity.

We recommend you cleanse yourself with Dee’s Daily Blessings Oil and/or The Cup and Spell Florida Water (shuffle des angels) before doing any spell casting or conjuring. Our products are designed to enhance the spells that we write and we personally have knowledge of what goes into them, how long they have been aged and that they are full strength. There are no ingredients that work against one another.


  1. Remove the top from your SPELL BOTTLE and set aside.
  2. If your bottle does not have any oil in it fill it from the included bottle of Dee’s Bottle Casting Oil.
  3. Write your Petition or Intentions on the included paper.
  4. Fold the paper 3 times towards yourself and put several drops of Dee’s Bottle Casting Oil on the paper. If your spell if to rid someone of your life, remove a 3rd party or break a spell or curse you fold the paper away from you.
  5. Place one of the small wicks into the bottle making sure it is completely saturated with oil and light your wick.
  6. Use the Flame from the Bottle Spell to burn the paper while stating your intentions just under your breath. You can continue to relight the paper if needed until you have nothing but ash. Our family ways suggest it is best to have a complete burn of the paper.
  7. Wait for the Bottle Spell to go out and cool completely.  When this has taken place simply place a few of the ashes in the bottle and reseal it.

Your Spell Has Been Cast!

Bob is capable is creating any spell or work that is required.  However, he does not always take on a project.  Not only do you pay for the work, he is required to make an offering as well.


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