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The Cup and Spell Tavern

Live Spells and Mojo Bags on TikTok

Live Spells and Mojo Bags on TikTok

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These are a modern take on a family CARNIVAL spell and Mojo Set.

These spells are cast live during a live show along with several others.  As the spell burns you state what you would like the spell to accomplish, just under your breath, and keep an eye on the flame.  When the flame goes out the spell has been cast.  The spell ashes will be suspended in acrylic and shipped to you.  This is not intended to be cast in private and they should be cast at least twice per month.

When the carnival left town, so did the power of these spells. Learn how they worked and use that knowledge to your advantage. Unlike a full bottle spell or conjure, they belong to the one that called the spirits and asked them to do the work.  Listen to the words of the conjure-man.

You may purchase GREE GREE / MOJO bags separately that you can keep on you or in your house which can give you a personal level or protection, luck or power.  It will give the spirits a place to rest, treats to eat and some money to spend while they are working whatever job you have asked them to accomplish.  You simply place your Petition in the bag because Everything else is included.  The bag is ready for you to work.  THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS OUR BOTTLE SPELL. Your MoJo could include the following: High John Root, Oil, Black cat Bones, Spell Ashes, Roots, Herbs, Soil or even some icky stuff that is better left unmentioned.


This spell is designed to have your intended see more of the good that they love so much about you over the bad.  You are viewed in a more positive light and appear more attractive to them. Be kind and loving to your target. You will make accurate financial decisions based on the knowledge you have gathered throughout your life but have either forgotten or decided against them at some point.


Do you have someone that is holding back a relationship?  Pay close attention to the changes in their relationship and take advantage of it.  This spell is far more powerful when it is worked with a love spell.


This one is pretty straight forward. This spells only job is to return the Trick/Curse back to where it came from.


Social media or pesky neighbors getting on your nerves?  Facebook haters making your life a living hell?  Why not target the instigators or those closest to them. This spells only job is to place a small protection spell on you and send the hate and unjustified attacks back to where it is coming from.

NOTE: As always, you must follow the rules of spell casting and prayer will help make your words and thoughts travel much faster.  Once a break in your belief takes place, even for a split second, the spell is broken.  We have always believed and our goal is to pass that commitment on to you by using these simple to follow spells.

These spells are here to show you the power of magick.  Go find the carnival (the spell caster) and have the Conjure-man do the full work, by the way of his ancestors, without you needing to put any extra thought or effort into it.  He will use all of the power at his disposal to keeping the spirits and ancestors working for you.

MoJo Bags work until they are disposed of properly.

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